MADE can help you define a development once suitable land has been found and the content of the project is defined, we can then prepare a feasibility study to see whether developing the plot will indeed be profitable.


Once feasibility is established, the actual development of a project starts with a Concept Development Strategy. This is an important document which describes the exact situation and defines the target group, the type and character of the development, as well as the amenities that will be provided.


Once the Concept Development Strategy is approved by the client, MADE can start work coordinating the design team to produce plans of your project. With MADE supervision and guidance, our collaborating architects can provide all necessary architectural services, from location plans to overseeing final building details and guiding the project through the College of Architects and the local planning authorities


MADE Project Managers efficiently coordinate all the complex activities involved in a project from beginning to end, ensuring that it is developed according to budget, within the stipulated time frame, and with a minimum of risk


MADE plans and monitors the cost of your project to help keep it within the approved budget. Cost reporting during the pre-contract and post-contract stages of the development allow for accurate estimates of the project’s final cost and mapping out of cash flow in the immediate and more distant future


Dirección Facultativa, as it is called in Spanish, is legally required for any project built in Spain. MADE can also provide this service, which entails supervision by an architect and a technical architect to ensure that all construction is executed in accordance with the plans and building regulations


Value Management aims to maximise overall performance and eliminate unnecessary costs caused by wasted resources in management time, design time, production time and costs resulting from unexpected changes. MADE applies value management to the strategic planning of the complete development


Prior to purchasing a property, MADE can undertake a full or partial survey which includes a full report on the structural stability, the installations and the existence of damp with recommendations of how to repair or mitigate any potential problems and to help your decision on the purchase